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Andarine Review: Accelerate Muscle Growth & Torch Fat 2022

Anabolic steroids were pretty much the only option available decades ago when bodybuilders wanted a boost in muscle growth. Unfortunately, the compounds did come with a lot of repercussions which made a lot of people question the value of using them in the first place. Cases of instant death caused by the usage of anabolic steroids were not very rare. Liver toxicity, cardiovascular issues, and shrinking balls were just but a few of the complications resulting from the use of AAS.

Some years later, a new class of performance enhancing drugs took the bodybuilding industry by a storm. The compounds proved to be capable of delivering all the effects bodybuilders’ desire without the life-threatening and unpleasant side effects that were associated with anabolic steroids. These drugs have come to be known as selective androgen receptor modulators (SARM).

Andarine (S4) is one of the few SARMs available in the market today. This substance is formulated to yield multiple effects that do not just place it as an ideal bodybuilding compound but as a potential medicinal drug as well. Andarine is already under various trials investigating it as a treatment for bone degenerating and muscle wasting disorders. Let’s read more about Andarine here.

What is Andarine S4?

Andarine is part of a broad group of supplements called SARMs (selective androgen receptor modulators). The general opinion is that taking Andarine S-4 may be more beneficial than other similar SARMs.

This SARM supplement was first manufactured by GTX laboratories during their research.

Their goal was to treat diseases related to muscle weakness, muscular dystrophy, osteoporosis and benign enlargement of the protest.

Initially, the intake of SARM Andarine C-4 was aimed at the treatment of the above diseases.

Andarine S4 is a partial agonist of androgen receptors. Without sounding too scientific, this means that it binds to androgen receptors when it interacts with testosterone and is then released again.

Stimulation of gene expression has been observed with SARM Andarine S4, which improves muscle mass and bone density.

All other organs that also have androgen receptors remain unaffected.

ANDALEAN Ambassador for Andarine S4

When Andarin C4 binds to androgen receptors when taken, it displaces some of the testosterone because it is much more anabolic. But at the same time, the production of testosterone in your body remains unaffected.

This is the difference compared to anabolic steroids and hormones that artificially reduce or increase hormones leading to imbalances and unwanted side effects.

GTX has conducted numerous clinical trials with S-4 and in one of them, subjects managed to gain up to 1.5 kg. lean muscle mass without exercising and without changing your diet.

Andarine Review

Andarine S4 can cause muscle development in the same way as steroids, but without the same side effects, without affecting the prostate and other genitals.

Andarine S4 is a SARM with maximum androgenic effects , as it has more than 33% of the power of testosterone when it binds to your receptors. The unique thing about Andarine is that it isolates its effect on the receptors from that of your natural testosterone, which means that you will have twice as strong an effect on your muscle growth as S-4 acts individually.

The S4 Andarine is the most versatile SARM ever created. Not only is it the first SARM approved for phase 2 research, it has now become the most analyzed and researched SARM. After discovering its anabolic potential, the main goal of S-4 is to develop alternative treatments for muscle loss, osteoporosis and similar symptoms.

Andarine S4 provided evidence from the first phase of the study, of an increase of 2.3 kg in less than 90 days without exercise or a change in daily diet. An unwanted side effect (or benefit if you wish) is a reduction in body fat. Reducing body fat depends on the genetics of the person using it, but it will certainly have strong effects on your body’s ability to oxidize adipose tissue. S-4 Andarine has greater anabolic effects than some traditional steroids [Kearbey et al., 2007].

In addition to its muscle building benefits, S4 will not cause liver damage, can prevent gynecomastia (increased breast fat in men) and can help improve your overall health.

A special study compared Andarine S-4 with DHT (dihydro testosterone – a common anabolic steroid); The results show that S4 exceeded the effect of DHT in the production of lean muscle mass for 120 days with only 3 mg per day. S-4 also shows no side effects on prostate growth, testosterone arrest, or any unwanted side effects caused by traditional anabolic steroids [Kearbey et al., 2007]. Another study found that S-4 was completely absorbed even at very low doses.

Andarine S4 History

Andarine was initially under the development of a Japanese pharmaceutical company known as Kaken Pharmaceuticals. The objective behind its creation was to come up with a compound that could help in resolving osteoporosis. Studies showed that the ability of Andarine to bind to the androgen receptors in the muscle and bone tissues helped in boosting bone density thus keeping the users safe from both bone and muscle wasting disorders.

Kaken Pharmaceuticals abandoned the research of the chemical, but that was not before other research companies had already gained some interest in the compound. Its development was hence taken up by other companies, and that’s how the compound is still available in the market today.

In the United States, all selective androgen receptor modulators including Andarine are categorized as investigational new drugs. This essentially means that the compounds are still under trials and hence human consumption is not permitted. Unfortunately, the bodybuilding effects of the substance were just too much to be ignored. This is why fitness enthusiasts across the world continue to use Andarine despite the fact that a lot of information regarding this compound is still unknown.

Andarine Before and After - S4 Results

How S4 Andarine Works?

Three chemicals influence the performance of Androgen Receptors which include:

  1. AR Antagonist – This chemical attaches itself to the receptor, and once this happens the receptor can no longer be activated.
  2. AR Agonist – Unlike the androgen receptor antagonist that only binds once, the agonist will attach to the receptor and then detach itself before attaching again. Agonist chemicals behave like this over and over.
  • AR Modulator – These chemicals uniquely affect receptor, and this is where the S4 Andarine falls. AR Modulators bind to the receptors and then go further to change its structure making the receptors to function as instructed by the modulator.

What happens, therefore, is that once S4 or any other effective SARM compound gets into your system, it binds to your Androgen Receptors and sticks on it. When receptors come into contact with testosterone the S4 influences the receptors to make genes that are only beneficial in bone and muscle growth. In simpler words, S4 Androgen works similarly as steroids except its anabolic activities are much safer and hence do not result in all those adverse effects prevalent in steroid users.

Benefits of Andarine

As a selective androgen receptor modulator, Andarine binds to the androgen receptors located in your muscle and bone tissues. It will then alter the gene expression here to promote anabolism and protein synthesis which enhances the growth of both bone and muscle tissue. The beauty with Andarine is its exclusivity in dealing with the androgen receptors that are only located in the bone and muscle tissue.

That’s because androgen receptors are found in different sites in the body which means that if a compound is not selective on the androgen receptors that it is interacting with, then the risk of side effects increases significantly. That’s precisely why Andarine does not enlarge sex organ as is the case with anabolic androgenic steroids. In fact, trials show that Andarine can actually help in reversing the effect of dihydrotestosterone which included enlarged prostate and head hair loss.

Aids in weight loss

Andarine is one of the best fat loss SARMs in the market today. It is actually more androgenic than it is anabolic. S4 will also bind onto the androgen receptors found in adipose tissue. This enhances fat oxidation resulting in the breakdown of fat tissue. In the end, the users will not just see a decrease in body fat but they will also experience increased energy levels since a lot of the fat getting burned is producing energy.

It is crucial to note that all the weight loss effects of Andarine are achieved without affecting the muscle tissues. Therefore, you should never worry about your lean muscle mass being negatively impacted due to taking Andarine.

It is important to remember that Andarine does a great job in breaking down adipose, but it is not a weight loss supplement. The substance will only deliver an excellent fat loss impact if it is used alongside an extensive workout plan and a healthy diet. Even then, the effect won’t be too massive. Therefore, if you are looking for a drastic fat loss, then you are better off looking for an alternative weight loss supplement.

Strengthens bone tissue

Kaken Pharmaceuticals was developing a substance that will help in treating osteoporosis when they ended up with Andarine. It, therefore, makes perfect sense that developing healthier bone tissues is one of the many benefits of the substance.

Based on trials done on female rats whose ovaries were removed and castrated male rats, Andarine improved bone mineral density and went a step further to strengthen the muscles.

An improvement in bone density makes Andarine a useful substance in both the medical and fitness sector. As a medicinal compound, S4 can be used by the elderly to deliver healthier bones thus offering protection against frequent injuries and other fractures. In the bodybuilding arena, stronger bones are very crucial if you want to avoid fractures that could keep you off the gym for weeks.

Further research is still required to shed some light on how Andarine can be used for this purpose adequately.

Increases muscle mass

Other than treating Osteoporosis, the scientists behind this substance hoped that it could also assist in preventing or reversing muscle wasting. After the development of the compound, animal trials showed that S4 was not just useful in countering muscle wasting, but it also enhanced muscle growth.

In one trial involving castrated rats, S4 increased muscle mass of the rats as remarkably as dihydrotestosterone does. The best part? Andarine achieved this without causing prostate enlargement (the biggest drawback of dihydrotestosterone).

When it comes to gaining muscle mass, Andarine is not the most potent SARM you can get. Perhaps this is because the substance is not as anabolic as most of the other SARMs are. It can, however, be used for slight muscle gains in a cutting cycle where it is more effective.

Improves blood supply (bulging veins)

The cycle with Andarine leads to increased blood supply, which causes the veins to bulge. This is a much sought after visual effect.

But this is not just cosmetic, when taking Andarine improves the blood supply to muscle fibers, which automatically provides them with more of the nutrients supplied to the body.

This leads to muscle growth and a decrease in fat, as most calories will be directed to building muscle.

You can cram in expensive supplements that make ridiculous promises, such as increasing nitric oxide to make your veins pop.

We guarantee that as soon as you start taking Andarine you will change your mind and immediately become a supporter of SARMs!

Andarin C4 gives you this effect. It makes your body look clean and with bulging veins, similar to Winstrol, but without its side effects.

Protects muscles during calorie deficiency

During a period of clearing body fat, when your goal is to lose weight fast, the body tends to catabolize (or in other words “eat”) hard-to-build muscles to survive.

This leads to loss of muscle mass along with fat loss, which is inevitable unless you have a helper.

Taking Andarin S-4 will help you largely prevent muscle loss during cleansing. You can keep your muscles as long as you continue to burn fat.

Muscle Regeneration

The first clinical study was done on this SARM also involved volunteers with degenerative disorders. They were all placed under a daily dosage of at least 3mg/kg. After 1-2 weeks the study noticed a significant boost in muscle regeneration and the patients didn’t even have to take part in any exercises. The study, however, also noticed a few side effects in some of these patients and they were all attributed to the dosages used. To avoid these effects, it was therefore recommended that you be extra keen on daily dosages of S-4 to prevent adverse reactions.

Prostate health

One of the therapeutic applications in a cycle with S4 is the reduction of prostate weight in patients with BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia).

It is a partial androgen receptor agonist in the prostate and is effective as an anti-estrogen such as Finasteride used to reduce prostate weight.

Tests with Andarine s4 have been shown to reduce prostate weight by as much as 79% at relatively low doses .

Because Andarine is a SARM, it is much safer than Finasteride because it does not cause any side effects, such as the risk of impotence.

This makes S4 a great product that can be used in addition to anabolic steroids, which can be dangerous to your prostate health.

Increases endurance and strength

You will begin to feel more energetic and stronger during a cycle with Andarin. The feeling is similar to pre-workout energy drinks, but in Andarine S4 there are no stimulants, it does not interfere with sleep and it is healthier for your body.

Andarine Cycle

It is crucial that Andarine is cycled to avoid severe testosterone suppression and vision issues. A typical Andarine cycle usually runs for around 8 weeks. You can also decide to take the SARM for a shorter period like say 6 weeks. Experienced bodybuilders can also stretch the cycles to 10-12 weeks. It all comes down to an individual’s tolerance and the goals they are after.

If your tolerability isn’t impressive, you’ll have to stick to shorter cycles, or you might even be forced to end the cycle prematurely. There is really no point in taking a substance that is affecting your normal life. Plus, there are no reasons to suffer unpleasant effects with one compound when there are other SARMs available, right?

If you are using Andarine in a cutting cycle with say Cardarine, you can stack the two SARMs in a cycle of around 8 weeks. This should be enough time to cut on body fat and get the ripped results you need. On the other hand, if you are taking S4 in a phase where you want to cut fat and gain some muscles, you may be forced to stack it with more potent muscle building compounds for a slightly longer period than 8 weeks.

Each cycle of Andarine should be followed by a post cycle therapy phase. The good news is that PCT when using Andarine is usually short since it doesn’t impact testosterone production so much. If you had taken Andarine for a slightly longer period of 10 to 12 weeks, you might have to run PCT for 8 weeks.

Is Andarine Legal?

Selective androgen receptor modulators fall under a grey area when it comes to legality. These investigational new drugs are not really banned, but they are only supposed to be distributed for research purposes only. It’s due to this complication that the FDA has had a difficult time regulating the substance.

In most countries including the US, Andarine can be purchased online as a research compound. It is also available in the black market for bodybuilders in countries where the laws regulating SARMs are stricter. If you are in such a country and you are still trying to get the drugs, I’ll urge you to be extra careful and make sure that you buy them from a vendor that doesn’t compromise on quality. Low-quality SARMs are extremely dangerous.

What does the law say about SARMs in sports? Well, don’t even think about using Andarine if you are a professional athlete participating in a competitive sport. SARMs are among the drugs prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency, the US Anti-Doping Agency and many other sports commissions.

Bodybuilding Uses of Andarine S4


Andarine binds to the androgen receptors found in adipose where it stimulates fat oxidation. This results in a faster breakdown of fat thus enhancing fat loss. In addition to that, S4 will enhance fat loss by reducing the secretion of lipoprotein lipase. This is the enzyme that promotes accumulation of lipids in the body and hence when its production is suppressed, your body will accumulate fewer fats. In essence, Andarine helps with both reducing existing fat and preventing the formation of new fat in the body.

For better cutting results, Andarine can be used with another popular cutting SARM known as Cardarine. Combine around 50mg per day of Andarine with 20mg per day of Cardarine for a period of approximately 10 to 12 weeks to get amazing cutting results with minimal side effects.

Increase Strength

Andarine has also proven itself to be incredible in boosting strength and endurance. The reason behind this is really simple. The substance will continually burn the excess fat in the body to produce energy that keeps you fueled.

By binding to the androgen receptors in the muscle tissues, Andarine will also enhance protein synthesis which is vital in keeping your muscles fed and growing. This ensures that you have the extra cutting edge to work out for longer periods before the onset of fatigue. With more strength and endurance, building muscles should become much easier and quicker.

For exceptional strength gains, one should combine Andarine with Ostarine and Cardarine. However, you must make sure that your meals are 30% lean protein.


Andarine is not the most potent bulking SARM in the market. If you are looking for massive muscle gains, I’d suggest that you check out other more anabolic SARMs such as Testolone, YK11, and Ligandrol. But if you want subtle muscle gain while maintaining a lean physique, you can take Andarine with Testolone (RAD 140). 50 mg/day of Andarine and 10 mg/day of RAD-140 taken for 8 to 12 weeks with a high-calorie diet should deliver reasonable bulking results.


Andarine can also be stacked alongside other SARMs to burn fat while increasing muscle mass at the same time. In a recomping phase, you can take 50 mg/day of Andarine, 25 mg/day of Ostarine Ostabolic (MK2866) and 20mgs/day of Cardarine (GW501516). Run this cycle for 8-12 weeks while taking a caloric deficit diet.

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Recommended Stacks of Andarine with Other SARMs

The Andarine cycle will be many times more effective in combination with SARMs such as Ostarine MK 2866 and Cardarin GW 501516 . This combination gives fast results in gaining lean muscle mass, but will also burn excess fat.

Start the first week with:

  • 30 mg. Ostarine MK-2866 morning and evening on an empty stomach
  • 30 mg. Andarine S-4 in the morning and afternoon on an empty stomach
  • Cardarine GW-501516, 20 mg in training days, 30-45 minutes before training and 10 mg in the morning on non-training days.

Andarine can drastically reduce body fat stores, especially when combined in a SARM stack with Cardarin and Slimobolan.

This stack literally destroys fat deposits in a matter of days! User reviews are for losing 3-5 kg ​​in less than 5 weeks!

The duration of the cycle should not exceed 6-8 weeks, after which the body is allowed to rest for at least another 4 weeks.

The good news is that you do not need to do any recovery therapy after this cycle.

But prophylactic intake of vitamins and minerals after this cycle with Andarine C4 + Ostarine MK2866 and Cardarine GW501516 would be beneficial:

  • Vitamin D3 2000-5000 IU daily
  • Zinc 30 mg daily
  • Selenium 100 mcg daily

To ensure your full recovery.

What are the safe / recommended doses of Andarine?

Andarine has a short half-life of approximately 3-6 hours. But the S4 is so powerful and efficient that it shows satisfactory efficiency even for its short half-life.

If this is your first cycle with Andarine, it would be wise to first adjust your body to a lower intake of SARM S4 and then increase the dose as you see fit.

Your goal and your current condition will determine the exact dose. A safe starting dose is 30 mg per day.

The dosage for a cycle with Andarin can be divided into:

  • Twice a day 2x15mg in the morning and in the afternoon on an empty stomach
  • Three times a day 3x15mg in the morning at noon and in the evening on an empty stomach

You can increase it to 45 mg, but after one or two weeks. When you find out how Andarin works for you. Your body needs to get acquainted with Andarine S4.

The maximum dose per cycle with this SARM that you can reach is 75 mg.

The body can take up to 100 mg of Andarine, but it is best to avoid not exceeding 75 mg.

Most people prefer to limit the dosage of a cycle with Andarine to 45 mg per day, which is my recommendation.

Women should start with the lower dose.

Usually a cycle with S4 can last 6-8 weeks. Our opinion about Andarine is that shorter doses of 4 to 6 weeks are completely sufficient for a satisfactory effect and no side effects.

The recommended dosages of Andarine hugely depend on the results you are looking for:

For Reducing Body Fat

S-4 delivers incredible fat burning benefits. Its usage will reduce the effects of Lipoprotein Lipase (LPL), the enzyme responsible for storage of fat in the body. It will also oxidize fat which will consequently be used as a source of energy.

For this purpose, the recommended dosage is 50 mg taken for 6-8 weeks cycles with a 2-day break in between.

For Muscle Bulking

S-4 isn’t exactly the best SARM for bulking. Several other SARMs are better formulated with more excellent results than S4 for this purpose. It can, however, still be used for bulking where you’ll witness reasonably larger muscle growths, and all this will be achieved while keeping you relatively lean.

For Recomping

To enjoy optimal muscle mass growth and a decrease in body fat you’ll need to take 50-75 mg of S4 for 4-8 weeks.

Andarine Reviews - S4 Andarine Review

Andarine | Andarine S4 Pros

  • S4 causes minimal growth in sexual organs like prostate
  • Chances of getting cardiovascular diseases are much lower when compared to users of other steroids. This is because S4 does not affect the LDL/HDL ratio
  • Unlike typical steroids, SARMs such as S-4 expose you to fewer risks of getting hepatitis and hepatotoxicity because they don’t need any liver enzymes for anabolic effects to be activated.
  • Testosterone levels are not affected
  • It’s highly selective, and hence other vital organs like the heart won’t be affected
  • Zero chances of getting female characteristics such as breast enlargement
  • S-4 is not as powerful as steroids, but the good thing is that using these SARMs you won’t need the exhausting post cycle therapy that’s necessary when using steroids. S-4 can be cycled throughout the year helping you to experience almost similar results.
  • Women can also enjoy the vast benefits of S-4 without having to deal with masculine features.
  • There is no growth of secondary genitals, such as the prostate.
  • 0% chance of flavoring, lactating male breasts or enhancing any other female characteristic during post-cycle recovery.
  • Testosterone does not decrease in any capacity during recovery from a cycle.
  • It is not toxic to the liver
  • Although SARMs like S-4 are not as potent as steroids like Winstrol, they do not require extensive post-cycle therapy and can be taken year-round (with breaks). Within a year, achieving the same results as those of steroids (because you do not need much rest) is quite possible.

Andarine S4 Side Effects

Andarine is safer than anabolic steroids and most of the other SARMs that are highly anabolic. That’s undebatable. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that it is entirely safe. Using this substance may still result in some side effects whose severity may vary depending on the doses used, length of cycle and one’s unique reaction to the substance.

With that said, here are some of the commonly reported adverse reactions of Andarine:


The most common and severe side effect linked to Andarine is poor vision. While Andarine is binding to the receptors in the muscles, bones, and adipose, it also tends to attach itself to some of the receptors found in the eyes. This results in a yellow tint that will affect your vision.

Poor vision caused by the consumption of Andarine will make it difficult to see at night and will also slow down your adaptation when moving between rooms that are lit differently.

This effect is dose-dependent. The higher the doses you are consuming the severe the effect. Also, as the doses go higher, the effect will become even more severe, and this is bound to affect your performance and life in general.

It, therefore, goes without saying that new Andarine users should avoid driving at night until they’ve learned of their tolerability to this substance. It’s also important to start with low doses and only increase them if you are reacting well. Reduce the dose immediately you start noticing some changes in your vision.

This issue is usually temporary, and in most cases, you won’t require any special medications to deal with it. As we’ve just said, you can avoid the effect by reducing the dose. If you are experiencing the effect when you are already using low doses, you can stop taking the substance altogether (if it is severe) but if the impact is minimal and you still need the benefits that S4 has to offer, you can run the cycle to the end after which your vision should go back to norm in a couple of days.

In other instances, some people take Andarine for 5 days and then take a break of 2 days before using the substance for another 5 days. This hack has been helpful for people who’ve found the vision issue a bit too much to handle yet they still need the bodybuilding effects of the substance. The problem is that Andarine may not be very useful in delivering any of its positive impacts if it is not used daily. Therefore, you might avoid poor vision issues with this trick, but in the long run, you also won’t have anything to show of it.


Andarine is not the most suppressive SARM in the market, but it will still affect your testosterone production. Since the impact is usually minimal, users can run a mini-PCT to restore normal testosterone levels in no time.

Poor vision and testosterone suppression are the only major side effects reported by Andarine users. This makes them even safer than some of the other more potent SARMs available in the market today. Also, the poor vision issue does not affect everyone. Some people can use high doses of S4 without reporting the yellowish tint that’s affecting other user’s vision.

When you are keen with the doses you are taking, and you run PCT after every cycle, you’ll never have to worry about any complications from using this particular selective androgen receptors modulator.

Concluding Andarine Review

What makes a lot of people love this SARM is the fact that it delivers the needed results with minimal to no side effects. The substance is even safe from some of the adverse reactions that we associate with most of the other SARMs.

If you are looking for an excellent cutting SARM, then you need to consider Andarine S4 seriously. Stack this SARM with Cardarine, and you can watch yourself lose all the body fat standing between you and that vascularity you desire so much.

Andarine C4 is an underrated gem that can provide you with such relief and such muscle strength that people suspect that you are on something much more serious.

S4 is considered one of the strongest SARMs as it acts very fast. You get drastic results in a short time (we are talking about a super short period of a cycle with Andarine – 2 weeks.

Because it is so potent, this SARM supplement is widely used by many athletes, including bodybuilders.

In short, the opinion about SARM Andarine S4 is that it has the effect of steroids, but without their side effects.

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