7 Reasons Exercise Can Go Wrong – Surprising Facts

7 Reasons Exercise Can Go Wrong – Surprising Facts

The sole purpose of performing exercise is to become fit and strong. The art of exercise has emerged over the period of time but the major goal has remained the same. Having said that, there are acts that leads to totally opposite results. Some common examples include injuries, strains, and other medical complications.

Here, we’re going to summarize some major reasons exercise can go wrong for you.

7 Reasons Exercise Can Go Wrong

The scenarios in which expected results of exercise can make a 180-degree turn are summarized below:

Lack of Proper Warm-up                                     

We need to start slow with regular stretching drills in order to warm-up our body. All the muscles and bones should be working well before you go for the difficult tasks like weight training’s. The supply of blood to all parts of body is an important part of exercise and this must be kept in mind at all times. A good warm-up routine ensures that all parts of your body are fully functional before you begin the tougher phase. Lack of proper warm-up can lead to:

  • muscular and joint pain
  • muscular strains, and,
  • in extreme cases, muscular ruptures and fractures

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Lack of Fluids during Exercise

Whenever we perform any hectic task, the temperature of our body increases. As a counter act to this, sweat is excreted from our body to cool it down. This results in a lot of water loss which makes our blood thicker. That quantity of water needs to be restored to keep the blood in its optimal state. For this reason it is necessary to maintain good inflow of water or juices throughout your work-out. Lack of fluids during exercise is one of the major reasons exercise can go wrong.

Doing more than your Capability

You need to know the point of comfort for your body. Exercise tends to make you tired but it must not cross the limit. Push yourself to an extent where you are in control of yourself. If you are experiencing chest pain, shortness of breath, numbness, or feeling dizzy, you must STOP immediately and seek medical help. This could be due to any medical issue or you could be doing a bit too much. If you’re trying to do more than your capability you’re going to face one of the major reasons exercise can go wrong.

Not getting enough Sleep

If you want to perform at your best; make sure you’re getting at least six to eight hours of quality sleep. Sleep doesn’t just energize you but also facilitates muscle growth and recovery and helps keep the hormones that control hunger in check so, your efforts in the gym are not undone by poor food choices. Getting adequate sleep is also essential for strengthening your immune system, learning and memory consolidation, improving mood and virtually all other aspects of health. It’s something that is worth adjusting your schedule and making sacrifices for as the benefits will be very obvious in both the short and long term. Not getting enough sleep is one of the major reasons exercise can go wrong.

Being inconsistent in exercise routine

While the first rule is consistency the second is using the right technique. Choose a technique that’s suitable for your current fitness level and aligns with your fitness goals. Many people choose to do running in order to lose weight. But regularly running for a consistent period really just helps with stamina and endurance. Failing to put yourself in a proper exercise routine can lead to unexpected results.

Taking your phone with you while working out

If you have it, you’re going to look at it which can affect your focus, the workouts effectiveness and your mood. If you must have it on hand, set a limit on how often you’re going to check it. If you’re someone who takes footage of your workouts, leave that to the end of the workout so that your flow and focus won’t get interrupted.

Use of Steroids

Steroids are used to enhance the muscular capacity and stamina of a person. This way he/she is able to do much more than they actually can. The side effects of these steroids are extremely dangerous and hence they should be avoided at any cost. Anabolic steroids are used in particular to strengthen the muscular structure of the users. The apparent effects could be really good but internal implications can be fatal. To avoid the fatal side effects of anabolic steroids, you can use best legal steroids to enhance workout performance and get maximum out of your workouts.

Summarizing the Reasons Exercise Can Go Wrong

First and foremost, you need to consider your age and physique to decide which exercises are suitable for you. You may consult your doctor as he can guide you best about your physical condition. Once you have figured out the exercise routines, you must make a steady start and should not rush into it. Your body needs some time before it starts responding to the rigorous exercises. Trying too much or doing things too fast can lead to serious damage. Use of anabolic steroids is one such example where speed can have fatal results in the long run.