Small Muscles: 4 Best Reasons of Not Growing Muscles

Small Muscles: 4 Best Reasons of Not Growing Muscles

There are many people out there struggling with having small muscles. Why having small muscles could be a problem? It may not be your or the world’s biggest problem, but it still does affect you personally. One thing that everybody knows but not everybody will admit is that girls love guys with muscles. So, if you’re skinny and have a problem with girls, that could be the problem. Another reason and probably the most important is that not having muscles means you have a weak physique. Having a weak figure means you are more vulnerable to disease and sickness, which would be a problem.

Building muscles means you’re working out a lot, and you are very active in your daily life. Active people tend to have a better immune system than people who stay at home and play video games the whole day. However, some people exercise but have problems building muscles. There are a few reasons for this to happen.

Major Reasons of Small Muscles

Let’s talk about why you work out and fail to change your body. These tips are helpful for people who exercise right now and those who will one day start doing so.

Not Eating Enough

The first reason and probably the most common one is you are not eating enough. Eating the right food at the right time is very important for building muscle. But before you start dieting and expect to build muscle, you must first get some weight that would be appropriate for you. The math here goes like this: measure your height in centimetres and subtract by 100. The result would be the minimum weight in kilograms you need to have before starting a workout. Example: If you are 183cm, you should weigh at least 83kg.

Once you reach your required weight, you would need the proper diet for you. For example, you need to eat some bananas or apples or pick up a natural fruit smoothie before a workout. Avoid eating anything heavy before a workout; otherwise, you will get tired after the first 15 minutes. Fruits are the best pre-workout food.

You are eating the right food after a workout is probably the most crucial step in bodybuilding. You’ve just used up all your energy, and your muscles are exhausted; you need to recharge them but not with McDonald’s. Pancakes are perfect for refilling on the used up protein and carbohydrates. Grilled chicken is favoured by millions of bodybuilders when it comes to post-workout food. Fish is also not only tasty but helpful as well. Salmon with sweet potatoes – Salmon is not only tasty, but it also improves joint support and gives a lot of proteins, while sweet potatoes restore your glycogen levels to normal.

The internet is filled with recipes and ideas about bodybuilding diets and the best pre and post-workout foods. Unfortunately, not eating the right food would waste all of your workout efforts.

Not Following Exercise Plan

Another reason for having small muscles is you don’t follow your exercise plan, and you skip workouts. Bodybuilding is not something you can do by cutting. You need to follow your schedule to the very end and not miss any of the exercises. Not following your plan would mean that you are wasting your time and should not expect any results; you might as well just quit. Instead, get motivated and start building. One of the reasons you should use Crazy Bulk is that you can see results coming in, which would motivate you a lot and make you want more.

Missing The Variations and Complex Movements

Let’s assume you follow your plan to the fullest but still struggle with muscle building. One reason could be that you are not using complex movements and keep doing the same thing repeatedly. When it comes to building the perfect body, you must know that you need to have strong muscles surrounding your exercise areas. For example, exercising your biceps repeatedly and not doing anything about your triceps could slow down your results. Instead, try focusing on the surrounding muscles and see if you can integrate some complex movements that affect the surrounding muscles.

Missing The Right Supplements That Others Rely On

One thing that many people consider is bodybuilding supplements like Crazy Bulk. If you wish to boost your muscle building process and give yourself a motivation boost, then you might consider using some of these products. Crazy Bulk is not something new in the bodybuilding industry. People are using them every day all over the world to help themselves in the bodybuilding journey. However, you should make sure you use only safe and approved products for the best results when it comes to using anything. Don’t trust the random guys on the forums; do the required research to be sure you are about to use only effective and safe products.