SARMS4YOU Review: Another Scam or A legit Company?

SARMS4YOU Review: Another Scam or A legit Company?

What is SARMS4YOU?

Getting the right vendor is everything when dealing with SARMs. These compounds are highly effective but to enjoy their benefits you have to get the purest form possible. There are so many suppliers out there but not all of them stock high-quality SARMs. You can use different stacks for months but if they are contaminated or of poor quality then you are never going to see any changes in your muscle growth, energy and strength levels. Even worse, you might experience some severe adverse reactions that could leave you spending even more cash seeking treatment.

Additionally, a lot of the vendors online do not stock highly concentrated compounds. This may sound like a good thing for beginners who are still testing these compounds, but for advanced athletes, such compounds will delay your results significantly. To avoid all this, you have to ensure that you are getting your supplies from a trusted dealer and this is why we are here. There are so many SARM suppliers online which makes choosing one from all of them really difficult. We are here to make your work a lot easier by reviewing one of the popular vendors known as SARMS4YOU.

Short Summary about SARMS4You


  • Their quality  is OK
  • Their product labeling & website design look professional
  • Good customer support


  • This is a European based company so it takes at least 2 weeks before your products arrive in the USA
  • There’s a risk that your SARMS get seized by customs
  • Expensive shipping costs
  • Rumors floating around that they were bought out by a Chinese company
  • New batches are said to be fake
  • Multiple recent bad reviews

If you live in Europe Sarms4you is a reliable sarms supplier, if you’re American, we recommend skipping this one due to overseas activities and customs.

Breaking News

Sarms4You has shut down. Anyone claiming to be Sarms4You is a scammer. Here is the TrustPilot notification about their closure of operations.

SARMS4YOU Overview

SARMS4YOU is a Holland-based company dedicated to delivering the highest possible quality of SARMs to all its clients. The fact that the company is based in Europe comes as both an advantage and disadvantage. On the upside, since the company isn’t located in the US, they don’t have to deal with the problematic rules and regulations governing the American market. This means that they are free to market the products by explaining to their buyers what each compound is formulated to do.

All SARM users are also aware of the proposed SARMs Control Act Bill of 2018 that is seeking to seize the distribution of SARMs in the US. When this bill goes through, SARMS4YOU will be among the few companies that will remain functional since they are based in Europe.

Unfortunately, the company’s location means that the shipping duration is likely to be an inconvenience to a lot of people. Some deliveries may take up to two weeks to arrive and hence if you fail to plan appropriately then you could end up delaying your cycles. Of course, this is only an issue to the US and other distant international clients. For most European buyers, the shipping time is likely to be much less. We also realized that SARMS4YOU don’t have so much freedom to explain what their products are designed to do adequately.

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When placing an order with this store, they usually provide a summary of what the compound is formulated to do before confirming your purchase. We noticed that when buying compounds such as LGD, the compounds summary is more about its purpose as a research chemical and less about its potency in the fitness industry. This is no different from what a majority of US-based suppliers do.

We understand that these vendors need to do this to survive in the market but to the new SARM users, not getting the full info on each compound may make it difficult for them to make a choice on which compound will work best for them.

One sector where SARMS4YOU shines brightly is on the purity of their compounds. All the SARMs stocked by this supplier record at least a 99% purity and this is not just based on the records they provide but also from independent laboratories. These SARMs are hence very safe to use, and if you stick on the right prescriptions, you shouldn’t experience any adverse reactions. All their compounds are also well dosed keeping the concentration levels high enough to yield the needed results in the quickest time possible.

SARMS4YOU Product Range

SARMS4YOU stocks the main eight SARMs which include;

What’s even better is that this highly innovative company offers encapsulated SARMs something that so many other suppliers have been unable to achieve. One thing that a lot of people have been complaining about on online fitness platforms is the taste of liquid SARMs. Users of these supplements usually have to take the compounds with some juice or water to rinse off the taste. With these capsules, users can take and enjoy the full benefits if SARMs without having to deal with the terrible taste of SARMs.

Another incredible thing about this store is there Post-Cycle Therapy stack. SARMS4YOU have a special PCT stack that is supposed to relieve your body from the suppression effects of some SARMs. If you use specific selective androgen receptor modulators for extended periods, they are bound to suppress the secretion of your natural testosterone. You may also read about: SARMs PCT: Do You Need PCT When Using SARMs? Best Guide 2022

This effect can get very serious if left untreated and that’s why it normally recommended that all individuals take SARMs in cycles with breaks in between. Even advanced fitness enthusiasts who have demonstrated high tolerance to these compounds are still encouraged to go through breaks of two weeks or so. During these breaks the, PCT stack sold by SARMS4YOU will restore the production of natural testosterone thus helping to bring back a balance of the chemicals in your body.

All the compounds sold in this store go through intensive lab tests where they are screened for purity and also to confirm their effectiveness. This explains why the products offered by SARMS4YOU are so pure and perform very well to deliver excellent results within a short time.

SARMS4You Product Prices

SARMS4YOU products’ prices are unreasonably high. We compared the store against its competitors based in the US and other parts, and we found out that in most cases, its prices were a lot higher considering that you are getting high-quality and well-dosed compounds. They also provide discount codes and coupons on a regular basis.

One problem that you can expect with buying supplements from an overseas company is high shipping costs. With SARMS4YOU, the prices aren’t as high as we are used to, but they still cost more than what you would pay when buying from a US-based supplier. They’ll, however, provide you with free shipping if your orders exceed the 120 Euros (approximately $138).

One thing really disappointing about SARMS4YOU is their return policy. This store does not ensure the products against loss or seizure when shipping them to international clients. This is to mean that if the product is to get lost somewhere during shipment, they will not be liable.

Secondly, their return policy allows customers to return all unopened products if they are not satisfied with their performance. This sounds good until you learn of the conditions under which this policy works. For one, all returns must be done within 14 days of the compound’s delivery. Is this really practical especially for international clients?

Once you communicate your desire to return these products, their customer support team (who are really nice by the way) will reach back to you with instruction, but then they’ll ask you to ship the products within 5 days. The time limits provided by the supplier are quite unfair to international clients. You can quickly end up shipping back an item which will reach the company after the period has expired and this means that you won’t get a refund and you’ll also lose the money you spent on shipping them back.

Concluding SARMS4YOU Review

SARMS4YOU offer incredible products. There is no doubt about that. Their prices are also fair and even beat some of the US-based vendors. The problem, however, is on shipping. If you are going to buy from these guys, you can expect your orders to take as much as 14 days to arrive. This is quite a long time, but it’s the price to pay when dealing with overseas companies.

Their return policy is also really unfair, particularly to international clients. With all this in mind, we believe that this company is an excellent choice to the bodybuilders living in Holland or the neighboring countries. For international clients, there are other options where you can get better services with more reasonable return policies and shipping periods.

So finally, Is SARMs4You Legit?

SARMs4You was a legit company years ago, but now their website is closed and the company is not functional anymore.

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