Legal Trouble Hits Close To Home: Crackdown on Anabolic Steroids

Legal Trouble Hits Close To Home: Crackdown on Anabolic Steroids

The Shit Hits The Fan: Friends Arrested For Anabolic Steroids Manufacturing And Possession.

I took a job in California after I graduated. I was accepted into both medical school and chiropractic college after graduation, but both seemed cost prohibitive at the time. I figured I would work for a year, bank some money and then go back to school. My ambition was to study at NCC or National College of Chiropractic in Chicago. I liked it because it was a progressive chiropractic college and was big into diagnostics. It was a poor decision in retrospect not to go immediately. So I took a job in sales and lived in southern California.

While I did well and made good money, I wasn’t happy with my life. Not long after I moved, my mother called me to tell me that she thought a bunch of my friends got arrested in a big steroid bust at a local gym. At this point there was no internet so we were at the mercy of snail mail. My Mom said she would cut out the article and mail it to me. Sure enough, John, some local gym owners, and a host of others were arrested and charged with conspiracy to distribute steroids, having manufacturing equipment, and possession.

They had a ton of raw materials and were basically home brewing and labeling anabolic steroids out the one guys basement. The Feds apparently tracked huge shipments of 10 ml vials and also bulk oils to an address in my hometown. This was the first time I had heard of anyone getting indicted on such serious felony charges. It was a preview of things to come.

Anabolic Steroids Cause The Destruction Of Johns Life.

John was one of the key players in this network and I was kind of nervous due to my prior relationship with him. It sends you into a state of wondering if they are going to come after you for past transgressions. Did they know about my Mexico trip? I later learned that John never talked about any of that. He owned a legitimate trucking company and the Feds seized all his assets and equipment. Under the laws, if one cent of drug money cant be accounted for regarding paying for anything the defendant owns, the government has the right to seize it under drugs forfeiture laws.

John took a $600,000 per year income and pissed it away for what? To be a player? He was so out of control, I didn’t really know the guy anymore. He did a year in federal prison and a year in a halfway house. His wife had divorced him, he had two kids out of wedlock with a stripper, and became a coke head loser. He completely destroyed his life for steroids. I always think ho stupid this guy was. All the other guys got varying degrees of time in prison, fines, and probation. I saw a lot of people lose their entire life savings and assets. Most of these guys recovered, learned, and live normal lives now.

Big Trouble In College Town: Anabolic Steroids in Smalltown, USA!

Meanwhile, more craziness would ensue. Back in my college town, there was also a big bust. Mack and a bunch of guys I used to hang with all got popped for possession and distribution of anabolic steroids. Apparently, one of the friends who lived with Mack was actually an undercover FBI agent. Three years this guy went to school with us, partied with us, trained with us. Talk about patiently building a case. When they took down Mack and 4 other guys, it was downright scary. If they would go to that length, what wouldn’t they do?

I was lucky I graduated when I did so I wasn’t sucked down with that sinking ship. Seems like I was lucky twice. I decided I was done with all of it. I had won some shows in bodybuilding, but I was done with it all. I decided to go get my body checked at the tender age of 24 and see if I had done any lasting damage. When I met with the doctor, he asked me to write down all the stuff I had used. The sheets went front and back. He was looking perplexed at one point. I asked him what was bothering him. He said I never heard of this one.

I said “think equi as in equine, as in horse, pig, and cow on the bottle. I was talking about EQ or equipoise. The doctor was great and we had really good repoire. I also stunned him with Miberolone. He asked, so I told him. They were called Cheque Drops. The medicine was sublingual. You put it under your tongue and let it absorb transdermal then go train. It’s supposed to make you super aggressive and strong. It just made me spaced out so I stopped using the stuff. Its real use is to keep bitch dogs out of heat.

I believe it was something on the order of 16 times more anabolic and 45 times more androgenic than testosterone. That is crazy to think how strong that is. I got a clean bill of health and some advice to steer clear in the future. I knew I was done at this point……or was I?

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