The Anabolic Steroids Blackmarket Is A Scary Place!

The Anabolic Steroids Blackmarket Is A Scary Place!

Anabolic Steroids: The New Whipping Boy In The War On Drugs.

The many problems with our lifestyle were about to come to a head. After the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, there was a heightened awareness about performance enhancing drugs. Ben Johnson was made a scapegoat for a massive problem in all sport. Now that anabolic steroids were suddenly known throughout the masses, politicians got up on their soapboxes and decided to clear this menacing problem up. George Bush and Congress passed the Anabolic Control Act of 1990. It was a very heavy-handed legislation aimed at getting steroids off the streets.

Never mind that they really are not nearly as prevalent as many would have you believe. The far bigger social issues were and still are alcohol and tobacco. They are the 2 most widely abused drugs in the world, causing a multitude of deaths, but they are socially acceptable. Open up newspapers everyday and you see a story about a drunk driving death and arrests. Last I checked, the number one and two causes of death in the United States are heart disease and cancer. So it made perfect sense to vilify something so miniscule and meaningless.

Politicians Pass A Dumb Law For Anabolic Steroids

The law was seriously flawed in that it went against the laws of the land. Anabolic steroids were now Schedule III drugs. Never mind that they don’t qualify as being a Schedule III drug in any way, shape or form. To be Schedule III, something needs to be highly physically addictive. Drugs like Demerol, Morophine, and other potent pain killers like Oxycontin and Vicodin. It is a huge witch hunt that has destroyed the lives of many otherwise productive member of society. Most of these people who use steroids are people who have jobs, but they like making their bodies their hobby.

People should have aright to choose whatever they want to do with their body. If I have to subsidize dialysis treatment for an obese person who ate their way into diabetes, I should be able to use whatever I want so long as it doesn’t infringe on the rights of other people. It really should be controlled and dispensed by physicians. All the new laws did was to create a black market and criminal element.

Now the drugs were all coming from places like Mexico and other less than savory places with shoddy manufacturing practices. After the 1990 law changes, the market in the USA dried up until Mexico stepped up to fill the void. I know first hand because I used to help a friend out to fill orders in Michigan.

Anabolic Steroids Destroy A Life, Not Health And Eric Irons Almost Shit Himself!

A guy I played college football with and who went on to play pro baseball decided to help supply guys with drugs. Never mind that he had a trucking business making him $600,000 per year. The urge to be a player and criminal apparently over rode his common sense. We will call him John just to protect his identity. His father Joe used to run with the mafia, stealing heavy equipment from construction sites. He was eventually nabbed and did 8 years in state prison. He had a friend who did 8 years with him named Sam.

John decided to call Sam up and see if he could use his fruit market in San Diego to mule steroids over the border from Tijuana Mexico into the USA. So the deal was I would get paid $2000 to fly to San Diego, hook up with Sam, give him what we wanted and then hang out for a few days funning and sunning in San Diego while Sam’s workers did their magic. The first and only time I met this guy I was scared shitless. I drove a rental car into some Laotian neighborhood past local gangs up into the foothills above San Diego.

When I go there Sam invited me into his apartment. Apparently he lived alone. His eyes were sunk into his head and he looked like he needed to sleep for about a year straight. I later learned he was a meth addict. So we sit in his bedroom and I hand him the money from John that I believe was $8000. There was a nickel-plated 357 Magnum on the nightstand which really freaked me out. Sam went on to explain that he would kill for Joe as they had each other’s backs in prison. He said Joe spoke on my behaIf and said I was “good people.” I felt so friggin scared at that point.

I was fresh out of college and I just never had seen this side of life. So after I gave him a list of what we needed, the closet door opens up and this oriental woman steps out holding a gun. Apparently, she was insurance in case I tried anything funny. My asshole could have been pin sized it was puckered so tight.

Anabolic Steroids, Cocaine, Rental Cars, And More Trouble On The Horizon.

Before I left, Sam pulled out a package and opened it up. It was a brick of yellow paste like stuff. He said “I want you to take this back as a gift for John.” It was pure 100% Colombian cocaine. I had never seen the stuff before let alone a kilo of raw coke! He made me do a nummy I think he called it? Like you see on all the cop shows. What they don’t tell you is that cocaine gets into your blood through the lip. I was suddenly very paranoid and jumpy. My heart was racing as I left and I was sure somebody had to be following me.

I drove around in circles for a few hours losing imaginary tails. I finally drove back to my hotel. I was thinking to myself “what the hell am I doing?” So I hung with a buddy from college get hammered for a few days up in Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, and Huntington Beach. It was a lot of fun. Sam called and said he had the order filled and I could come pick it up. So I drove across the country with $8000 worth of Mexican anabolic steroids and an ounce of pure cocaine. I got back home and said hell no, never again!

I was exposed briefly to that element and it scared the hell out of me. I decided I was done with anabolic steroids all together in any way. Things were about to get very interesting back in my old college town and in my hometown….

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