Wicked Nutrition Labs MK2866 Ostarine: Truth Revealed

Wicked Nutrition Labs MK2866 Ostarine: Truth Revealed

Wicked Nutrition Labs is another company in a long line who are peddling a product that is in a “grey area.” This is basically saying that while not technically illegal from the standpoint of the DEA, the FDA frowns heavily upon it’s sale and use.  This is a drug called a SARM which is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator.  These have been under development as new drugs for by many pharmaceutical companies, even being in stage 3 clinical trials and will be considered prescription drugs before long. These are quite powerful and not without problems.

SARMS Osatarine Structure

Unlike traditional “steroids”, SARMS take a unique shape that binds and activates the androgen receptor yet does not follow the traditional pathway for steroids (no estrogen conversion and no DHT conversion).  Thus it is rather selective in it’s activity yet still being androgenic.  It looks very unfamiliar compared to steroids such as testosterone and others.

Ostarine Effects

The promise of SARM’s is to provide muscle growth without the side effects of traditional steroids like testosterone, 1-testosterone and others.  Also, SARM’s should not cause testicular shut down or hair loss, nor convert to estrogen.  Users do report having some shut down with this product though which is to be expected at high doses. The following is from a forum relating experience using Ostarine. The following excerpt from a forum should give any potential user pause:

“Decided to try a 6-week Ostarine-only cycle at 7.5-12.5mg/day. That’s a low dose compared to what most are doing. Product was dosed at 50mg/mL so getting an exact dose was tough. First cycle I’ve ever done of anything. Wanted to try something mild as a kick-start. 

“My baseline bloods are from August 2012, but besides being 1.5 years older, nothing has changed. Baseline:

Total test: 565
LH: 1.9
FSH: 1.6
Estradiol: 18.0


Total test: 140
LH: 1.5
FSH: 1.0
Estradiol: 11.8

Liver values not affected at all, they stayed quite low. My HDL has run between 55-65 in the past, it dropped to 37. Total cholesterol only 140 though so the ratio isn’t terribly out of whack.”

As for building muscle, Ostarine does work, but how well is the question.  The studies have all been done on either sick or old people with low doses.  At lower doses (3mg) there is a 3-4% increase in lean body mass over the course of a month (in older people).  Since this product is dosed at 20mg per capsule, it’s hard to tell how this translates to healthy adult males.  Still, the logs don’t look too compelling.   According to one log on the product.

"Tried this for the first time in July and now I am convinced this is the best way to go if you want to stay natural."

How natural are you really using what is essentially a drug? Much of the evidence is anecdotal at best regarding its use. The internet is full of too much Bro Science. Ostarine doesn’t seem to be a potent builder, but it seems to get some positive reports.  There are some serious side effects to Ostarine though and at 25mg of Ostarine, you will likely feel some of them.

Shut down is one of them, since at high doses you are likely to get shut down of your natural production.  This is WORSE than on prohormones because Ostarine doesn’t convert into other hormones like a pro-hormone does. That means that you are likely to get some mental and physical side effects from Ostarine due to starving your natural production.  Ostapure may also cause cancer like normal steroids, since it was shown to increase cancer cells in some studies.

 Thoughts On MK2866 Ostarine by Wicked Labs

If it was a legal dietary supplement, then Wicked Labs Ostarine would be a sufficient alternative to prohormones, but unfortunately as a prescription drug, it does damage to the industry and further causes the FDA to look unfavorably at dietary supplement manufacturers. The supplement is under constant fire by zealous and the FDA. Every bottle of Wicked Labs Ostarine you purchase, is akin to digging a grave for all dietary supplements. Lets keep out freedom to choose what we want to use and not have our government dictate that to us.

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