Best Legal Alternatives To The Best Oral Steroids in 2022

Best Legal Alternatives To The Best Oral Steroids in 2022

The Three Best Oral Steroids Are:

The King of the orals is clearly Anadrol
Knight in Shining Armor is Anavar
and the The Court Jester is Winstrol

These are 3 of the most popular oral steroids. They work for losing fat or building muscle. Of course to do that you have to be eating to grow or eating to cut, but ignorant people refuse to accept this. The common misconception is if you take these you will just get bigger. Truth is if you were already lifting and eating a stable, not necessarily good, just stable diet. where every day is the same amount of calories at the same times of day with the same foods then with these drugs you would lose fat and perhaps build some muscle.

Oral Cutters

As a class these cutters work in a very similar way. As a Modified DHT molecule all will inhibit the aromatase enzyme as they cannot be enzymatically converted to estrogen. This will stop the enzyme from converting other aromatizable steroids to estrogen and ultimately result in a dryer look. DHT will cause water and amino acids to draw into the cell causing fuller muscles and when combined with dryer skin an even greater dry look. And again DHT will bind to the SHBG molecule bumping off free test and estrogen. when this estrogen is destroyed there is not very little estrogen left in the body and you get……a dryer look!

Nope not done! DHT binds to fat cells directly and cause fat to be burned. And you get a dryer look.

In some people DHT causes hair loss. It either does, or it doesn’t. And if it does you were going to lose all your hair anyway.

DHT And The Central Nervous System

DHT binds to nervous cells and causes excitation. This causes an increase of intensity of emotions. So if your a violent dick, you might “roid rage”. If your a lover not a fighter then you might get in trouble in a different sense. It increases strength because of how it excites the nervous system’s activation of muscle contraction. It increases sexual performance in men and definitely in women.

DHT does not increase muscle mass directly like testosterone does but since these oral steroids are chemically modified versions of DHT  they do survive inside the cell, and in theory, could cause DNA transcription. These modified versions of DHT do not have a high binding affinity to the androgen receptor so likely their muscle building effects are through their anti catabolic function not a direct anabolic function. In other words it’s the blocking of the cortisol receptor not the binding of the androgen receptor that matters. And nowI present the cortisol inhibiting differences of:

Anadrol vs. Anavar vs. Winstrol

Although these 3 illegal steroids are all very popular modifications on a DHT molecule and are well known for their “anti-cortisol “ properties all three function in different ways and have different properties attributed to them.

Anadrol or Oxymetholone: The King

Anadrol has the reputation for some serious side effects. It, like the others, is a modified DHT molecule which won’t break down in the muscle cell. It has direct androgen receptor activation effects despite a low binding affinity. What makes It so interesting is people think it’s a bulking drug despite it being a cutter. The reason is that a metabolite of anadrol causes indirect estrogenic effects which would look like fat gain and water retention but only on a crappy diet.

Anadrol does do more liver damage than any other oral steroid. It causes water retention but most of that is in the muscle to get the biggest fascia stretching effect. This is why Anadrol is the go to oral to get the best workout pump. Anadrol has a reputation for the best increase in strength but so do the other two drugs covered here. Anadrol knocks cortisol off the muscle and blocks the receptor so you can’t lose muscle from training to hard.

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Anavar or Oxandrolone: The Knight

This is probably the safest and best one of all. It is so safe on the liver that it is used to TREAT liver damage, and does the standard things that DHT does but also has some other great properties. For one it antagonizes the cortisol receptor on muscle. This means instead of cortisol binding to muscle mid workout or on a low carb diet anavar binds and protects the muscle from cortisol. This puts more cortisol into circulation to improve joint pain. It upregulates T3 uptake by 20% increasing your metabolism directly. It also increases ketogenesis so its a great agent for carb back loading and for keto diets.

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Winstrol or Stanozolol: The Jester

Winstrol is known for causing dry and painful joints. More so than the other orals mentioned. It’s used for cutting since it is believed to produce a dry look. It’s anti-cortisol mechanism seems to be based on not only bumping cortisol off its receptor and into circulation but also stopping production of cortisol at the adrenal gland. This is clearly different from the other drugs mentioned. This lack of cortisol is likely the cause of the painful joints athletes report. Clearly some cortisol is needed for the anti-inflammatory applies on joints to actually continue lifting.

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On of my favorite signs that a drug isn’t right for you is if it makes your workouts suffer. Job and relationship damage is bad, but why take a drug which enhances your effects from working out but it hinders your working out? Now you’re just doing drugs to do drugs. Obviously if you have sides that inhibit your gym performance reduce your dose or remove the drug from your cycle.

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